jeff hogue night


there are fourteen ways i'd probably have to argue that the deconstructivists reliance on french linguists is foolish and full of holes

they were gathered

forbidden numbers

the Gathering


Cat Power

Sometime Ago


Of a Roshi


Shades of Steichen

River Interval


Ode to Joyce


New Spring Night

Night Lot

Night Cloud Form

Black Hole Sun


Blue Forest Five

Caney Woods


Mystical Forest

Night Sky

Burning Bush

Dream Place

The Last Magician

Night Path 2

Low Like a Forest

like a forest
And still,
like a lion
My knees are bended
We used to speak
A different language

I wasted my breath
On words soon forgotten
Left unattended
They're moving their feet
--But nobody's dancing

Ah, take your time
Ah, take your time
How can I blame you
For all of the screaming
That I've had to turn to?
Just in time
To go off in my hands
These images were shot with a digital camera at night in the woods that follow along a river near my home. They have been manipulated using Fireworks--a Photoshop- like program. Going out into the darkness alone without anything but a camera feels a little risky. In the forest in the darkness, I have no protection. I am moving around in the night just as are all those animals for whom this world is home.One night using a flash and beaming out into the darkness of the forest, suddenly about 100 feet away I saw two or three sets of eyes reflecting back at me with bright yellow green spots in unison with my camera. I felt a little frightened--I was the watched--I was the hunted. I was on their turf...and they held all the cards. I shot several pictures in this same direction each time marveling at the glowing eyes reporting back to me.

The next day when I put the images on the computer I realized that these were the eyes of a small young stag and a group of does.

The imagination is full of darkness.